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"I had not filed my income taxes for 10 years. I had an IRS Tax Lien and a State Tax Lien filed against my credit report. The IRS Wage Garnishment along with the State Wage Garnishment left me with a very small paycheck. Tax Solutions Group got IRS and State income information and prepared my returns. To my shock, I received money back from both tax agencies. My IRS Wage Garnishment along with my State Wage Garnishment was withdrawn and the IRS Tax Lien and State Tax Lien were removed."
- R. Adler – Los Angeles, CA
"As an attorney, I knew I had to file income taxes. But when I started my own practice I was so busy that keeping financial records was tough. For many years I failed to file. An IRS Lien and a State Tax Lien soon followed. An IRS wage garnishment went out to my clients and soon they were sending checks directly to the IRS. As a result, business slowed. Tax Solutions Group contacted the IRS and State, got my information and prepared these delinquent returns. I owed nothing to the State and the State Tax Lien and State Wage Garnishment was lifted. I owed the IRS a few thousand dollars and I paid them off. My IRS Wage Garnishment was lifted along with the IRS Tax Lien. Tax Solutions Group continues to prepare my taxes to this day."
- M. Thomas – Glendale, CA
"I had failed to file income taxes for a few years. An IRS Lien for $539,123 for one tax year was filed. The State soon followed. An IRS Wage Garnishment hit my brokerage account and margin calls ensued. The State Wage Garnishment hit my employer and my paycheck was 25% less. Tax Solutions Group prepared my complicated tax returns and I actually received a refund of $21,510. The IRS Lien, IRS Wage Garnishment, State Tax Lien and State Wage Garnishment were lifted and I received my refund."
- A. Toth – Irvine, CA
"I sold my home in California and retired to Martinsville, VA in 2004. I thought I did not have to file State income tax returns. I received a State Tax Lien followed by a State Wage Garnishment and Bank Levy. Tax Solutions Group stopped collection and filed a non-resident return showing zero balance due. My State Wage Garnishment and State Tax Lien were lifted and my credit repaired."
- D. Groden – Martinesville, VA
"Thank you for your work in getting the IRS to accept our Offer in Compromise. I am very, very pleased to see this settlement in hand. The IRS had me owing over $50,000 going way back to 1996 and I’d been dealing with it for many many years.

Now with this $9,105 settlement I don’t have to deal with it ever again. Good job on getting the IRS to agree to this!”"
- M. Rappoport
"Thank you for negotiating my IRS settlement. I’ve owed them for over ten years about $24,000 and to see it reduced to $1,450 is nothing short of a miracle. It will be nice to pay this amount and never have to worry about the IRS again!"
- W. Yazzie
"We had a very large IRS problem. Our business took a tremendous downturn and as a result we ended up owning them almost $120,000. We were in no position to do anything about it. But now you’ve settled this matter for us... at $6,000!"
- C. Keller
"I hadn’t filed my last four years returns, and the State had already begun to pursue me. When it turned out I owed the IRS almost $45,000, you were able to get them to agree to accept $13,500 over two years."
- D. Choi
"Jon and his team treat all of my clients with respect. I know clients appreciate having someone on their side. I have personally seen Jon go out of his way to provide services, often making house calls or giving advice during his weekend. The Tax Solutions team knows how to work with the IRS to get the best result. I wouldn't recommend anyone else for my clients who need some extra Tax support."
- Elliott Morgan
"Tax Solutions group saved me ten of thousands of dollars in state and federal taxes, fixing years of late fees, wage garnishments, threats of legal issues and state payments that were unafortable. John and his staff were able to accomplish in days what i had spent years trying to fix and another agency was incompetent at fixing in my particular situation. I highly reccomend them if you have ANY tax issues. Dont wait like I did hoping your tax problems will just go away or someone else will fix it. Highly recommend +++."
- Frank Whitaker
"These guys are the best, they knew exactly how to handle my situation and saved me a lot of stress and money. Thanks Jon!"
- Daniel Payne
"Jon and his associates at Tax Solutions Group are the best. If you are having problems with the IRS or general tax issues I strongly recommend them. Jon has many years of experience working with the IRS. You can trust them to help you. They have helped me for years and always do what they say they are going to do, they are very professional. I am a long time customer!!!"
- Al Aguera
"I had been in an intense battle with the IRS that was ongoing for over 5 years. All starting because I trusted a friend to do my taxes and then did them wrong. Tax Solutions stepped in right away when I contacted them. They took over, no more harassing calls from the IRS, when meeting with IRS agents they were there to keep me from "being bullied", and that's exactly what they try to do. I cant tell you the relief and burden that is off my back thanks to Jonathan and the whole group. They really know their buisness!"
- Steve Gray
"These guys have done my taxes for about 10 years and it's all messy stuff - personal, LLC and California Corporation. Can't imagine having any other company handle it. They're super-quick, very reasonably priced, and entirely competent. They'e also very chill guys to deal with. 100% recommended."
- KC Heylin
"I have been getting my taxes done here for the past 5 years and the quality and speed in which they were done was excellent. I ended up recommending my dad and my cousin to help with their tax matters and not just for their tax returns. They both got cleaned up and resolved their IRS and State tax issues."
- Rob V
"I am a Partner Attorney at The Law Offices of Chen & Tran. Our office is right next door to Tax Solutions Group.

Tax Solutions Group is instrumental in our ability to assist clients with tax related matters. Since moving to our Santa Ana location, The Law Offices of Chen & Tran and Tax Solutions Group have teamed to provide our clients experienced and knowledgeable solutions and advice to our clients tax, credit and bankruptcy needs.

Anytime clients have questions regarding taxes, we can always count on the help of Jonathan and his staff at TSG to point our clients as well as us in the right direction. Jonathan has been doing this for numerous years and I trust his input and advice.

In fact, we also use them for our own business and personal taxes. After opening a business of my own, taxes are by far one of the largest stressors. I go to Jonathan personally at least once a month to get advice on all things tax related. This includes partnership taxes, business taxes, business expenses and deductions, personal expenses and deductions, IRS and Franchise Tax Board payment plans, Tax debt interest rates, penalties and fees.

Jonathan and the rest of the staff at Tax Solutions Group has thoroughly answered all my questions and needs. I highly recommend them to assist you and to get personal attention from the staff. Their operation is geared towards direct communication with their clients so you will not have to worry about discussing your tax matters with multiple people each time you call."
- Rex Tran
"I walked into Tax Solutions nervous and overwhelmed. I needed to file five years of tax returns. David Gee and Jonathan took over the mess I had made and guided me through what was needed to do all of the filings and the Offer in Compromise. David Gee quickly resolved each problem I encountered over the course of the year it took to reach a conclusion. Throughout the process he and Jonathan were always reassuring, and I knew that I was in good hands. Within 10 months all of my taxes were filed and my Offer in Compromise was accepted! One year later all of my tax problems are behind me. David and Jonathan really know their stuff! They are able to work with IRS and the Franchise Tax Board to solve problems. They will work hard for you."
- Patti O'Brien
"These guys are awesome! A few years ago, I went through a "downsizing" on the job that forced me into full-time freelance work. At the same time, I went through a divorce that left me with more questions than answers regarding keeping up on my tax returns. I tried another tax company but their "advice" actually made my situation worse. So I went to Yelp and found Tax Solutions Group. Jonathan, David and their team did an outstanding job of helping me get my house in order - and they're helping me keep it that way. It definitely took some "tough love" on their part . . . but they tell it like it is and don't play games. They prepare returns quickly and efficiently - and ALWAYS had my best interests at heart. 5 Stars all the way for Tax Solutions Group!"
- Roger Marsh

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